The Many Uses of Botox

Botox is widely known for its benefits in fighting wrinkles, but did you know that it was originally used as a treatment for crossed eyes and facial spasms? This handy protein can be used for a variety of ailments outside of the cosmetic field. Many doctors are now exploring different ways that Botox can be beneficial to their patients. Injections, done by health professionals, have found their way to your primary care doctors, dermatology offices and even the dentist.

Teeth Grinding

Millions of people grind their teeth or clench their jaw at night due to a variety of reasons. If this habit persists, it can lead to many problems, including jaw pain, tooth damage and headaches. Traditionally, the treatment for teeth grinding includes the use of mouthguards. However, sometimes a mouthguard can lead to trouble sleeping or discomfort. Recent studies, using Botox injections into the jaw, have shown promising results. Treatments can now be found at some Brooklyn dentist offices and other places around the country.


Botox is being used for patients who suffer from chronic migraines. The injections are done in the head and neck to dull pain fibers. These treatments stop migraines before they start and usually need to be repeated a few times.

Excessive Sweating

This was a surprising side effect discovered when patients were being treated for facial spasms. If you are plagued with excessive sweating in your armpits, feet, or hands, then Botox may help. Botox works by blocking nerve signals that trigger sweating. Treatments must be redone every 4-6 months, however over time they may be stretched out further.

Overactive Bladder

This is a problem that many men and women have. It can be embarrassing and really impact how you go about your day. Botox has been shown to reduce the number of leaks. Bladder injections are only mildly uncomfortable and have been shown to have long-lasting effects.

All of the above treatments are FDA approved and there are many more uses being studied. Botox is not just an elective beauty treatment anymore, it can be a solution for many things.