Paystubs Make Getting Things You Need Easier

Try to get your utilities turned on when you move or get a car loan without a pay stub. If you work for yourself, you have to show all kinds of stuff including your Schedule C from the IRS. I actually have my own company. It is very small. I am the only employee. I pay myself a salary, and I use this site to make my paystubs That way, anytime I need them, I have them going back for the whole year. There are all kinds of things people will ask to see a paystub for. When you have to prove you are working, the people wanting the paperwork want to see a paystub. They look at me like I am trying to scam them if I say I am self-employed. I can be making twice as much or more than them in a year, and they just do not grasp the concept of working for yourself.

So, in order to not have to show tax returns and Schedule Cs, I print my paytstubs for every biweekly paycheck that I give myself. It is cool in that my registered company name does not have my last name in it. I have an office and voicemail system. They sometimes call to make sure I work there. My wife is the one who runs the office most days. We are a legitimate business. I get paid every two weeks, and we are putting two kids through college. I just do not volunteer info that i actually own the business unless I have to.

I would like it for the paperwork aspect of some things to change. I mean, my credit report should be all I need to get a loan. Well, that and my ID. What does showing the stub really prove? That I had a job today? I have a brother who has about four jobs a year. Anyway, enough soapbox tirades. I am happy to have an online source where I print paystubs that are the real thing. They have all the withholding and everything. They even have my company logo on them.