I Am Working for a Young Woman

I was really amazed when I answered the ad, because the woman that I met was about twenty six or so. She had a house that was about the same size as the one that my Mom and Dad live in with me, my sister and my younger brother. I was looking to make money for college, which is a couple of years away for me. At any rate she told me about this stuff called 2018 brand new 7 figure cycle training review everything exposed and told me that was how she had made a good deal of her money. She was a computer scientist I guess, but she had made a lot of money without really doing all that much work. She was mostly concerned about getting involved in counterfeit goods, so she avoids selling the sort of things that really get bootlegged. The big things are sunglasses and luxury goods, where you are paying to have some clown’s name on it rather than the actual product itself.

The idea is real simple. You buy stuff and then you ship it to someone else, in this case an Amazon fulfillment center. Then you put the product on the Amazon marketplace and sell it. When an order comes in, that really is not your problem. You sit back and do whatever you want. The people at the fulfillment center are paid to pack it up and send it to the buyer. So once you figure out what to buy and how much you can sell it for, that is about all that you really have to do. She was just paying me to watch this dog when she was out of town. It was a really friendly Labrador retriever, an enormous dog that would slobber all over you for no good reason.

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