Getting Started Here in Singapore

It is going to take a little bit of time since we are building this from the ground up. So far there is just me in a rented space at one of those virtual office places. I spent this morning looking to hire a good company secretary, in particular I am going to need to find one with a lot of local knowledge since that is something that I am really lacking. I guess I can not really blame Vernon for leaving the rest of us holding the bag, but when he resigned from this position he really left the company scrambling. Of course he left us for an extremely wealthy woman, the widow of a real estate developer that was about three times her age. He does not really need a job at the moment, the last I heard from him was a postcard he sent us from Monte Carlo.

Singapore is a lot different from any place that I have lived. It is incredibly crowded and if you want to build something the only thing to do is to build skyward, so there are skyscrapers everywhere. The company owns an apartment in one of them and you really could go for days without leaving the place. It is a dual use building or they call it something like that. They have office space in it and they have residential floors, then down on the lower floors there are retail shops and restaurants. I was surprised that there was a couple of excellent places to eat. I found out that I could place my order on the internet and then go down the elevator and pick it up. Of course I usually eat down there so I can watch the people come and go as I do. There is a lot going on here.